Product Care/Maintenance

Lippert® Cultured Marble Clean-up and Maintenance


Direct heat sources can dimple or stain the surface. Do not let curling iron, cigarettes, candles or any other source of heat sit directly on the surface.


This product is easily cleaned with soap and water or a foamy tub and tile cleanser. Do not scrape or use abrasive products or drain cleaners. Light scratches and dull areas can be removed by polishing with an automobile rubbing compound. If it should become stained (i.e., cigarette) the stain can normally be removed by using #400 grit sandpaper (wet) then following with #600 grit (wet) and finally polishing with a good automobile compound. However, caution must be used as to not sand through the gel coat. A good furniture wax or Gel Gloss Polish will give your top a more lustrous appearance. Other damage and repair procedures should be discussed with the factory. To prevent thermo shocking (cracking) of the material, temper the hot and cold water. The cavity of the cabinet or tub must be maintained at normal room temperature (e.g. 70 degrees F). Water temperature should not exceed 120 degrees F. This is suggested for two reasons: 1) It prevents burns to adults and children 2) It prevents thermo shocking.


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